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Owner Advisory Group

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Through our expertise in both hotel operations and real estate, OAG helps our hotel Owners achieve their investment goals through providing the below services.

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Proactive asset management with deep real estate and hotel operating expertise.

OAG’s philosophy is to work with the management company to achieve hotel Owners’ investment goals and create more value than functioning as just a reporting mechanism.  We currently find opportunities and drive hotel performance through our experiences and practicing core asset management fundamentals as well as leveraging resources through our operating platform.  In addition, we move beyond reactive response to proactive asset management using our proprietary analytical tools and market intelligence, enabling us to see and act upon the “fire before the smoke”.

OAG goes far beyond merely reviewing on-the-surface, regularly reported financial data, presenting what is evident and providing canned solutions. Incorporating macro market dynamics and long-view, forward-thinking analysis, OAG regularly provides unsolicited observations, ideas and insights on what really matters: the high-value, big-impact scenarios. Bringing together technical skills, business acumen and strategic vision, OAG produces measurable economic contributions.

OAG is a true full-service asset management provider with comprehensive capabilities in: 

  • Strategic asset planning
  • Investment and valuation analysis
  • Operating assessment and oversight
  • Performance and benchmark analysis
  • Sales and marketing strategies
  • Physical asset review
  • Asset protection
  • Construction/renovation support
  • Budget and forecast process oversight
  • Management team oversight
  • Brand and management selection/relations
  • Contract oversight and compliance
  • Debt financing support
  • Owner accounting services

OAG provides uniquely comprehensive consulting and advisory services for a wide range of hospitality industry needs

OAG serves both owners and lenders; clients include investors, developers, financial institutions and investment funds. OAG leverages its diverse project experience and the resources of Benchmark Global to deliver creative and customized investment strategies that are aligned with clients' specific goals and objectives. OAG provides a range of services to help guide hotel owners:

  • General strategic consulting
  • Property and portfolio valuation
  • Capital stack analysis
  • Financial underwriting and modeling
  • Transaction and partnership structuring and execution
  • Pre-opening technical services
  • Feasibility consulting (hotel, expansion, repositioning and new development)  
  • Proforma development and investment analysis
  • Hotel operational and/or financial turnaround
  • Debt financing, assumption and restructure assistance
  • Buy/sell analysis

Conducting custom detailed operational assessments designed to enhance financial performance

OAG's hotel operational assessment is an extensive review of a property that focuses on identifying opportunities for improvement in the areas of operations, sales and marketing, revenue management, staffing and other key performance areas. It also evaluates physical deficiencies and other conditions that may impact guest experience and profitability. OAG leverages in-house resources to evaluate each of the key disciplines and make recommendations accordingly. After conducting this exceedingly thorough operational analysis, OAG provides Ownership with detailed action items and corresponding best practices tailored to every department and function at the property. The assessment provides unparalleled specificity in regards to the critical components and actions needed to accelerate the property's operational and financial performance.

Setting Owners up for success from the start

Success in long-term investment management is premised by the thorough consideration and evaluation of potential hotel purchase decisions. Independent investment analysis, research and due diligence are core services offered by Benchmark Owner Advisory Group. OAG’s depth of knowledge and experience can be applied to:

  • Property and investment level underwriting
  • Preparation and presentation of investment plan and recommendations
  • Negotiation of purchase and sale agreements
  • Management and franchise selection/assumption and contract negotiation
  • Evaluation of a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP)
  • Assistance with the debt financing process
  • Preparation of financing memorandums
  • Management of the due diligence process 
  • Accounting and IT systems reviews
  • Assistance with the structuring of entities and respective bank accounts
  • Preparation of closing statements

Upon transaction close, OAG provides the following services required to manage the transition process:

  • Assistance with fulfilling post-close requirements
  • Overseeing the operator transition process
  • Asset plan execution (i.e. PIP, renovation, repositioning, hotel re-branding, etc.)

Selecting the right hotel brand and manager is critical to the success of the hotel investment

OAG is exceedingly well-versed in the complex process of selecting a new management company or franchise for a wide spectrum of hospitality product types and classes. OAG works with ownership to establish an investment strategy term plans for the hotel and to develop a critical path that inherently guides the selection process. Property locale, market dynamics, product type/features, the competitive set and Owner’s investment objectives are all important factors to examine in this process. Once this is done, OAG will:

  • Select and pre-screen candidates and determine their interest and/or restrictions
  • Prepare and issue RFPs
  • Coordinate information dissemination, site visits and management presentations
  • Evaluate RFP responses and respective economic terms
  • Prepare and present selection analysis and recommendations
  • Review management agreements and support negotiation process
  • Assist with the franchise application process
  • Execute transition and conversion

OAG simplifies, qualifies and guides the entire transaction for owners. Examples of support services include: extricating the hotel from existing agreements, developing a comprehensive RFP, evaluating and vetting candidates, reviewing and negotiating management and franchise agreements,