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Owner Advisory Group

Acquisition and Due Diligence Services

Setting Owners up for success from the start

Success in long-term investment management is premised by the thorough consideration and evaluation of potential hotel purchase decisions. Independent investment analysis, research and due diligence are core services offered by Benchmark Owner Advisory Group. OAG’s depth of knowledge and experience can be applied to:

  • Property and investment level underwriting
  • Preparation and presentation of investment plan and recommendations
  • Negotiation of purchase and sale agreements
  • Management and franchise selection/assumption and contract negotiation
  • Evaluation of a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP)
  • Assistance with the debt financing process
  • Preparation of financing memorandums
  • Management of the due diligence process 
  • Accounting and IT systems reviews
  • Assistance with the structuring of entities and respective bank accounts
  • Preparation of closing statements

Upon transaction close, OAG provides the following services required to manage the transition process:

  • Assistance with fulfilling post-close requirements
  • Overseeing the operator transition process
  • Asset plan execution (i.e. PIP, renovation, repositioning, hotel re-branding, etc.)