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Owner Advisory Group

Hotel Asset Management

Proactive asset management with deep real estate and hotel operating expertise

OAG’s philosophy is to work with the management company to achieve hotel Owners’ investment goals and create more value than functioning as just a reporting mechanism.  We currently find opportunities and drive hotel performance through our experiences and practicing core asset management fundamentals as well as leveraging resources through our operating platform.  In addition, we move beyond reactive response to proactive asset management using our proprietary analytical tools and market intelligence, enabling us to see and act upon the “fire before the smoke”.

OAG goes far beyond merely reviewing on-the-surface, regularly reported financial data, presenting what is evident and providing canned solutions. Incorporating macro market dynamics and long-view, forward-thinking analysis, OAG regularly provides unsolicited observations, ideas and insights on what really matters: the high-value, big-impact scenarios. Bringing together technical skills, business acumen and strategic vision, OAG produces measurable economic contributions.

OAG is a true full-service asset management provider with comprehensive capabilities in:  

  • Strategic asset planning
  • Investment and valuation analysis
  • Operating assessment and oversight
  • Performance and benchmark analysis
  • Sales and marketing strategies
  • Physical asset review
  • Asset protection
  • Construction/renovation support
  • Budget and forecast process oversight
  • Management team oversight
  • Brand and management selection/relations
  • Contract oversight and compliance
  • Debt financing support
  • Owner accounting services